“Great place to live and raise a family.”

Katie Mathews Guymon, OK

First Choice

“CELT Properties would be my first choice for housing.”

Sandra Cecil Guymon, OK

Affordable rates

“CELT Properties works hard to provide quality housing at an affordable rate.”


Stephen Hines Guymon, OK

Go To Place

“They are the ‘go to’ place when you are in need of housing.”

Bill Scott Guymon, OK

New Homes

“When they expand, they put in brand new homes.”

Beverly Soaza Guymon, OK

Above the Rest

“They are always upgrading to make their area a cut above the rest.”

Steph Williams Guymon, OK

CELT Properties is first class

Saray Guymon, OK

Maintains Property

“CELT Properties keeps their area looking good.”

Adam Lang Guymon, OK

Nice place to live

Alexandra Mathews Guymon, OK

Nice & Clean

“They have very nice homes that are clean.”

Todd Guymon, OK